: the latest generation of bioreactors

Plantform Temporary Immersion System (TIS)

- faster and uniform growth
- higher multiplication rates, compared to traditional multiplication
- better acclimatization
- leading to higher profits

Plantform bioreactor

The Plantform  bioreactor is a plant tissue culture container for the temporary immersion system (TIS).
Plantform bioreactors are easy to work with.  

Pumps, timers

You need 2 pumps, 1 for pumpimg up the medium and 1 for pumping down the medium and 2 timers (one for each pump).

With our 10W pump you can attach approx. 24 bioreactors. We also have a pump to which you can hook up 100 bioreactors. This is only possible if you produce species with the same requirements

We have two type of timers: one with settings of minimal 1 minute and one with settings per second. Which timer you need depends on the length of the immersion times and how critical exact immersion times are.


With an order for bioreactors we always add extra filters. This is because the guaranteed number of uses of the filter is 5 times. Our recommendation is to check the filters after using them 5 times and if necessary replace them.
There are 3 filters in each bioreactor.
The average production cycle in a bioreactor is approx. 5 weeks. That means after approx. half a year (= 5 uses of the filters) they should be replaced.

Our suggestion is to order 6 extra filters for each bioreactor. This is the about the amount of filters you will use in one year for one bioreactor.

The advantages of the Plantform TIS are:

Periodic liquid medium immersion

Temporary immersion of plant material in the growth compartment, achieved by the forced inlet of air,
will provide uniform distribution of nutrients.
This prevents vitrification and poor aeration around roots.
With tradional propagation with semi-solid medium (Agar) metabolic wastes accumulate
(resulting in poor growth).
With the Plantform bioreactor there is no accumulation of metabolic wastes.

Gaseous exchange

With the tradional propagation with semi-solid medium containers are sealed to prevent contamination.
The result is also that the air in the containers is polluted with the gases from the plantlets, resulting in slower growth.
In the Plantform bioreactor the air is changed several times a day, resulting in faster growth of the plants and a shorter period of acclimatization.

Immersion time

Very accurate setting of the immersion time possible, with steps from 1 second.

º Medium is pumped up and pumped down, so the contact time of the medium with the plant material can be regulated very exact (compared to systems, where there is no pump down cycle, in which case the exposure of the medium to plant material can be up to 8 minutes longer than the immersion time, because this is done by gravity).

Possibility to set the aeration time.
Advantage: hardening can be done in less time.


It is possible to talk to one of our consultants via Skype.
If you send us an e-mail with your Skype name and the time we can reach you,
he will be in touch with you.

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